[#WINDOWS10] New options for Docking Windows


Those of us who use the keyboard a lot, for sure we appreciate the options that we have with the Windows key combination + Cursor (up, down, right, or left) since Windows 7. When you perform one of these combinations, the window with focus is docked to a specific section in your desktop.

I personally use it a lot and now using Windows 10, I realized that something had changed. Now in addition to docking to left and right options, we have additionals options, ie: once accommodated a window to the left, pressing Windows + Up and it conforms to a 4th part of our desktop. With 2 or 3 row combinations, we have interesting layouts.

In the video below, you can see how windows are accommodated and the combination that I use in each case in a label above leftW10 Docking Windows

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