#CognitiveServices – Primeros pasos con la configuración en #Azure (un nuevo y mejorado #ProjectOxford)

Hola ! La semana pasada durante Build 2016, Microsoft presentó su nuevo set de APIs de Inteligencia Artificial llamado Cognitive Services. Este producto es la evolución natural de lo que conocíamos como Project Oxford, e incluye algunas nuevas funcionalidades muy interesantes. Voy a intentar de dejar de lado las cosas de las que ya he escrito, y centrarme [...]


#CognitiveServices – How to start with some basic #Azure configuration (yes, cool and updated #ProjectOxford)

Hi ! Last week during Build 2016, Microsoft present a set of Artificial Intelligence APIs named Cognitive Services. These are the natural evolution of what we know as Project Oxford, and they include some interesting new features. Even if some of the features are very similar, I think is good (for me) to write a [...]

#ProjectOxford – New features for #FaceAPI: beard, moustache, smile detection and more !!!

Hello! New Face API and Emotion API features: detection of beards, moustaches, smiles and much more. These days I have been reviewing some projects where I've used some Project Oxford APIs and I found that the APIs have changed a little. The Newtonsoft.Json is already a classic: updates all the time. However I made some research on the new features [...]

#Azure – Novedades en #ProjectOxford en #FaceAPI: detección de barba, bigote, sonrisas y más !!!

Hola ! Novedades en Face API y Emotion API, detección de barbas, bigotes, sonrisas y mucho más. En estos días he estado revisando unos proyectos en los que usamos algunas APIs de Project Oxford y me he encontrado que las APIs han cambiado un poco. Lo de Newtonsoft.Json ya es un clásico, sin embargo me [...]

#EVENT – #Coding4Fun materials used in the #Talks4Kids event

hI! Today is an amazing day, we are hosting the technology event for the Theodora Foundation and and is a great placer to share that we raise €2000 to share to the foundation! Thanks a lot to the sponsors, the Microsoft and to all the people here in the event! After tons of community events, customer events, [...]

#AZURE – A detailed sample of thumbnail generation and #SmartCropping with #VisionAPI

Hello In yesterday's post I wrote on how to create thumbnails using Vision API in Project Oxford. While there are several options in the .Net community to create thumbnails, this stands for creating the miniature bearing in mind the main content of the original image. For this, this process uses VisionAPI capabilities to detect "the main areas" in the image, [...]

#AZURE – Un ejemplo más detallado con #SmartCropping para generar miniaturas de imágenes

Hola En el ejemplo de ayer mostré como crear thumbnails o miniaturas utilizando Vision API en Project Oxford. Si bien existen varias opciones en .Net para crear miniaturas, esta se destaca por crear la miniatura teniendo en cuenta el contenido principal de la imagen original. Para esto, en primer lugar utiliza las capacidades de VisionAPI para [...]

#AZURE – Creating Thumbnails with #VisioAPI #ProjectOxford

Hi Today a small post with one cool feature included in en VisionAPI: Thumbnails generation. This operation is included in VisionAPI, and we mus feed the operation with a image byte stream, the size for the thumbnail and finally the most important option: smartCropping. SmartCropping is the cool feature for this image generation. When is sets [...]