#ProjectOxford – New features for #FaceAPI: beard, moustache, smile detection and more !!!


New Face API and Emotion API features: detection of beards, moustaches, smiles and much more.

2016 01 29 Face API

These days I have been reviewing some projects where I’ve used some Project Oxford APIs and I found that the APIs have changed a little.


The Newtonsoft.Json is already a classic: updates all the time. However I made some research on the new features for Face API. So here are a couple of them

  • The documentation is now integrated within MSDN. A Must Have for a 1.0 version
  • The new ability to detect new attributes for each face like as the beard, mustache or smiles


  • Now we also have the possibility of obtaining landmarks in detected faces.


And finally the official changes that are discussed in the Project Oxford page.

  • API Signature
    In Project Oxford Face V1.0, Service root endpoint changes from “https://api.projectoxford.ai/face/v0/” to “https://api.projectoxford.ai/face/v1.0/”
    There are several signature changes for API, such as Face – Detect, Face – Identify, Face – Find Similar, Face – Group.
  • The previous version of Project Oxford Face API was not clear about the smallest face sizes the API could detect. With the new V1.0, the API correctly sets the minimal detectable size to 36×36 pixels. Faces smaller 36×36 pixels will not be detected.
  • Persisted Data
    Existing Person Group and Person data which has been setup with Project Oxford Face V0 cannot be accessed with Project Oxford Face V1.0 service. This incompatible issue will occur for only this one time, following API updates will not affect persisted data any more.

Greetings @ Madrid

-El Bruno


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