#Event – Resources used on the Azure AI Fundamentals, intro to #AzureML @conosurtech

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Hi !

Amazing session yesterday with my friends from ConoSurTech, Fernando, Ivana y Pablo. We had a great session with a high level overview around Azure Machine Learning, as part of the “Diplomado de AI Fundamentals 2020

Diplomado de AI Fundamentals 2020

El diplomado consiste en clases online dictadas a partir del 20 de Octubre de 2020. Las clases son dictadas los días Martes y Jueves a partir de las 18hrs (GMT-3), junto a entrevistas con líderes de productos y comunidades. El diplomado recorrerá los temas que forman parte de la certificación AI-900 Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals sumado a los últimos lanzamientos realizados por Microsoft en el mes de Septiembre. 

So, as usual now is the time to share slides, and links. No Code this time, so you are going to avoid some Copy & Paste.



A very long list here…

Personal Note

It was a fast session, with over +100 viewers, and … so many topics to talk ! I prepared a full MLOps pipeline to show, I was planning to code from scratch a Jupyter Notebook, and more … we didn’t have time. This comment resume it all:



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