#Event – I will be speaking at @devdotnext #devdotnext2020 this March in Colorado.

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In a couple of weeks, I’ll be visiting one of the biggest events in Broomfield, Colorado: @devdotnext.


DevDotNext hosts 150+ 75-minutes Presentations, 4 Keynotes/Panels, and 11 All-day Pre-Conference Workshops.

Topics covered include:

  • Languages
  • Design and Architecture Cloud
  • Server-Side
  • Frontend
  • DevOps
  • Microservices
  • Machine Learning
  • Testing
  • Being agile
  • Leadership
  • And more

I’ll be sharing some experiences and insights around Machine Learning, Computer Vision and IoT. Here are my session details.

How a PoC at home can scale to Enterprise Level using Custom Vision APIs (v2!)

It all started with a DIY project to use Computer Vision for security cameras at home. A custom Machine Learning model is the core component used to analyze pictures to detect people, animals and more in a house environment. The AI processing is performed at the edge, in dedicated hardware and the collected information is stored in the cloud.

The same idea can be applied to several CCTV scenarios, like parking lots, train stations, malls and more. However, moving this into enterprise scale brings a set of challenges, which are going to be described and explained in this session.

In this new version of the session, we will start from scratch and create a complete “Parking Garage Open Space Tracker” solution with live devices and live cars (small ones, of course)

Registration and event details

Hurry up, regular registration ends soon.
Register at https://www.devdotnext.com/register

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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