[# TFS11] TFS Express, now for free! and integrated with Visual Studio Express!

Hi, already it is not news because mentioned fairly, but we can finally talk about it. Yesterday the great Brian Harry, broke the news on his blog that finally TFS is going to be part of the family as a free product Visual Studio Express. Almost 3 yearsago that he left this topic to debate, [...]


[#~TFS11] Friendly Names

Good, Thanks to Brian Harry gives us small brushstrokes of the next versions of Visual Studio with Team Foundation, you can comment on some of these developments. One of which they most appreciate is the ability to work with Friendly Names to identify users. This is somewhat related to the post I wrote a couple of days, where it said [...]

[#TFS11] Friendly Names

Buenas, gracias a que Brian Harry nos da pequeñas pinceladas de las próximas versiones de Visual Studio y de Team Foundation, podemos comentar algunas de estas novedades. Una de las que más agradezco es la capacidad de trabajar con Friendly Names, para identificar a los usuarios. Esto está un poco relacionado con el post que [...]

[VNEXT] Improve Visual Studio next version

Good, quick post but we are sure that you know it because friend Luis Fraile, already commented you here a few days ago. It's that face to the new version of Visual Studio and Visual Studio 2010 called vNext, Redmond buddies have decided to launch a public inquiry so that everyone can contribute their grain of sand. Obviously more there are complaints [...]

[VNEXT] The next Visual Studio vNext (II)

Series: The next Visual Studio vNext (I) Good, We go with some of the innovations that are discussed in the TechEd on the new version of Visual Studio: IntelliTrace in production If you are using IntelliTrace already you can get an idea of the power that can have this tool if her activate in production [...]

[VNEXT] El proximo Visual Studio vNext (II)

Serie: El próximo Visual Studio vNext (I) Buenas, vamos con algunas de las novedades que se comentan en el TechEd sobre la nueva versión de Visual Studio: IntelliTrace en Producción Si utilizas IntelliTrace ya te puedes hacer una idea de la potencia que puede llegar a tener esta herramienta si la activamos en producción para [...]