[VNEXT] Improve Visual Studio next version



quick post but we are sure that you know it because friend Luis Fraile, already commented you here a few days ago. It’s that face to the new version of Visual Studio and Visual Studio 2010 called vNext, Redmond buddies have decided to launch a public inquiry so that everyone can contribute their grain of sand.

Obviously more there are complaints about the operation of Visual Studio 2010, let us remember that complaining is a free and very popular sport on the internet, but then there are some very interesting such as:

  • Create a single management tool for TFS, Reporting Services and Sharepoint. Something similar to what does tfs admin tool on CodePlexhttp://bit.LY/qdhlaq
  • NuGet everywhere, can see you here and here.
  • Searches the information that stores TFS. It is amazing that even we do not have that, but well there are a couple of open elements, for example: http://bit.ly/reYx3H

And many more, so… If you have something you’d like in vNext, therefore to request it Open-mouthed smile

Greetings @ Here

The Bruno


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