[VNEXT] The next Visual Studio: vNext (I)



played today publish the 2nd part of the post to include the metrics of code in the builds in Team Foundation Server 2010, but as I see it is official part of the information related to the next version of Visual Studio (code name vNext)so here I leave a review of the new features:

Welcome IT Pros.

imageIn Visual Studio 2010 became much focus by integrating to the profiles of the testers in the life cycle with Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Test Manager. In this next version, and taking advantage of the cycle Develop > Operate > Develop > Operate > Develop > Operate > Develop > Operate >… then plays new tools to work side by side with fabulous friends of systems.

Improvements in Agile

imageSeems impossible to improve something that more than 10 years ago that it is improving, but I have seen the light some of the internal versions with improvements to work with Agile and the truth is that he is grateful for the maturation of TFS + VS;and the incorporation of tools to improve the work on agile teams, for example KANBAN boards, dynamic reports, etc.

Eye when I say agile, don’t exclude SCRUM, nor any of the variants and methodologies that are usually used.

Requirements/requirements management

imageThe process of requirements during the development of an application, usually a bit hellish if you don’t know how to work with them. Visual Studio 2010 ALM, takes a big step backward, but to compete with tools specialized in this area, such as DOORS by IBM, because there is still much. Well in reality, there is not so much, vNext will come to surprise more than one.

I can not say anything, but just think of which is the best way of taking requirements and the future of VS will be very close to that thought. As background and support will be Microsoft PowerPoint, which fortunately is one of the best tools of MS, and unfortunately one of the peormente used.Now all these prototypes, proposals, etc. are made with PPTX, since they are a step closer to being real artifacts in a development project.

Management of unit testing

Let’s see, I am the first to admit there are many unit testing framework that is far better to that which it provides by default Visual Studio 2010. But I also recognize that in many cases, this base reaches to cover many aspects of unit testing in a project (purists to provide me with a spout that I pass the comments). However, a default MUY GRANDE with unit testing in Visual Studio 2010, is that the management of these is very sad, very powerful, etc. We are that if you do not have ReSharper, so you spend fatal.

In vNext, you can work in a way much more organized with unit testing and there are a couple of panels that will be the delight of more than one Open-mouthed smile

Because here comes the first batch of new features in the next post, because some of Code Review, etc.

Greetings @ Home

The Bruno


More information: http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/en-us/roadmap?sf1468488=1

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