Event – 🧠 OpenAI, ChatGPT and #PowerPlatform … Yes, and without coding !

Photo by Tara Winstead on Pexels.com

Hi !

Are you ready to tap into the endless possibilities of ChatGPT? With the recent release of new OpenAI services on Azure, the potential for building innovative applications has never been greater.

I think it’s time explore the amazing capabilities of ChatGPT and how we can harness them to create truly unique and powerful solutions. Why not add some of the amazing OpenAI capabilities to the Power Platform ?

Join me on February 9th, to learn how to integrate OpenAI services in the Power Platform solutions. Of course, this is a Low Code – No Code session.

Let’s get the best of OpenAI in Power Platform ! (yes, ChatGPT style)

See you there !

Happy coding!


El Bruno

More posts in my blog ElBruno.com.

More info in https://beacons.ai/elbruno


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