Global Azure ☁️Bootcamp 2022 – Toronto in-person event on May 7th!😁


Global Azure Bootcamp 2022 is almost here !

Our plan is to host a virtual event on Friday May 6th, and in-person event on Saturday May 7th. We are working on the logistics, location, security measures and more.

If you plan to attend, please register at:

Meetup Registration

And we start opening the CFS, so feel free to propose your session

Call for Speakers

And if you have any questions, please contact me 😁

Important: This will be also a great “let’s learn together” experience on how to run events in these days. I’ll really appreciate your honest feedback on how we can create a great community experience. 🙏

I’m helping the tech communities, and on 2022 we went global: Microsoft Reactors to bring local communities to Global Azure.

With multiple locations all around the world, we’re excited to offer the opportunity to partner with a local Reactor, to host your Global Azure session. This could either be as a live stream hosted by the Reactor team, or as an in-person event, depending on the location. The Reactors supporting Global Azure Days are: London, Stockholm, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Sydney, Bengaluru, Redmond, San Francisco, New York, Toronto and Sao Paulo.

Microsoft Reactors and Global Azure Bootcamp 2022
[Reactors marked on a world map]
[Reactors marked on a world map]

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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