#OBS – Use an Android phone 🀳 as an external webcam 🎦. No cables required !

Hi !

Quick Friday Tip:

How to add a new camera to your PC using an old Android phone. No wires required.

So, In my device demos I usually have my main camera with my 😁, and I have a 2nd USB cam to show specific demos or devices.

usb camera with green screen background and devices

I had a green screen on the back of the devices, so I can mix my camera, the device camera and my desktop using OBS. In example:

So far, so good. And so cool !

Adding a new Camera

However, there are scenarios where I need an extra camera. And, to be honest, USB cameras and cables are too messy. I just need to enable a camera for a couple of minutes and that’s it!

So, I learned this:

I have an old Android phone, and I installed DroidCam (see references). Once installed, the app will start the camera (front or back), and publish the camera feed in an url. In example:

And, we can use a standard browser to navigate the url.

droidcam view from browser

And now, adding this Camera to OBS is easy!

We need to Add a new Browser source to a Scene.

add new browser source to OBS Scene

Use the URL from DroidCam in the Browser Settings and that’s it ! Just press the Refresh button to enable the source, and we have an external temporary and portable cam in OBS !

obs using droidcam via http


Play Store – DroidCam, webcam for PC

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