#Coding4Fun – How to control your #drone with 20 lines of code! (10/N)

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Back to some drone posts! I was kind of busy during the last weeks and now I can get back to write about the drone.

OK, in the last posts I described how to connect and work with the drone camera feed using OpenCV. Now with 2 extra lines of code we can also detect faces. Let’s take a look at the final sample.

drone camera and camera view performing face detection

In the previous image we can see 2 camera feeds. My computer webcam, where you can see how I hold the drone with the drone camera pointing to my face. And the drone camera feed, presented using OpenCV and drawing a frame over each detected face.

Let’s share some code insights:

  • As usual, I resize the camera feed to 320 x 240
  • The average processing time is between 40 and 70 FPS
  • I use a haar cascade classifier to detect the faces in each frame

Note: I need to write about Haar Cascades as part of my face detection post series.

In my next posts, I’ll add some drone specific behaviors for each face detected.

Happy coding!


El Bruno


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