#VSCode – Let’s do some #FaceRecognition with 20 lines in #Python (5/N)

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And after yesterday’s post I realize that the code is working, but there is room for performance improvement. So, I went back to my 1st sample, the one for face detection and I added some code to get some times for Frames per Second (FPS).

In my initial code, the app was working processing almost 6 FPS. Then I started to read the code and think on improvements and I manage to get an amazing +30FPS.

So, before moving forward, I want to remark this StackOverflow post that quickly pointed me in the easiest way to do a StopWatch in Python.

My original code, was this one:

And then, I realize that I may use some of the OpenCV functions to increase the face detection process. I really don’t need to process a full HD image (1920 x 1080), I may resize the frame to a quarter size and work with this. That’s how, based on some of the samples, I got the following code:

The line 12 perform the initial resize and then I recalculate back the positions before drawing the face frame. This process works almost 6 times faster than the original one.

I’ll continue improving the code and samples, and sharing my learning path !

Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno


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