#Windows10 – Windows Vision Skills (Preview), an amazing set of AI APIs to run in the edge!


Today’s announcement is a big one if you are interested on move AI capabilities to the Edge. The Windows team make public the preview of Windows Vision Skills framework:

Windows Vision Skills framework is meant to standardize the way AI and CV is put to use within a WinRT application running on the edge. It aims to abstract away the complexity of AI and CV techniques by simply defining the concept of skills which are modular pieces of code that process input and produce output. The implementation that contains the complex details is encapsulated by an extensible WinRT API that inherits the base class present in this namespace, which leverages built-in Windows primitives which in-turn eases interop with built-in acceleration frameworks or external 3rd party ones.

The official blog explain the basic features of the framework and describes a set of scenarios like Object Detector, Skeletal Detector, and Emotion Recognizer.

We have UWP Apps in the repo samples, and it only took 1 min to setup everything to get the App up and running. In the following image, it smoothly detects a person and a chair.

The next image is the sample for Skeletal detector (as a old Kinect dev, this really makes me happy!)

This is an big announcement, because all of this APIs are native , and that means we can easily use them in

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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