#Event – Materials used during the [#AI: Hype or Reality] session at #MSTechSummit Toronto


Microsoft Tech Summit Toronto 2017 has ended and the time has come to share the materials of my presentation.

During my AI for the Enterprises session, I did not resist commenting on one of the most sympathetic examples in the world of AI: Muffin or Chihuahua. I strongly suggest to the people to search for this on the Internet, there are serious articles and others not so much about it.

The Muffins and Chiahuahuas topic seems to have been very successful because I was almost 45 minutes answering questions after the session (sorry Sabrina for getting late to the next session!).

Between the toilet paper story and the muffins slide, I hope that someone of the audience will be encouraged to try and use Azure Cognitive Services.

As usual the slides I’ve used on my presentation

And a couple of important links, mostly related to the the topics we shared in my session of AI and in the panel of AI Ask the experts

Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno

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