#VS2017 – #Minecraft missions options in Xml format #ProjectMalmo


In this post I will explain some of the configurations and options we can define in the mission files. The sample file is at the end of the post.

  • Line 21 defines the name of the Agent
  • The <AgentStart /> element defines the initial position of the agent.

The following image shows how to define a high value on the Y axis,
because our agent dies a few seconds later


2017 11 14 Malmo 02

Another interesting element is [ServerSection // ServerInitialCondition] where we can define the climate of the mod (line 12). The supported values ​​are normal, clear, rain and thunder.

My advice is to dedicate some time to understand Mission definition schema (see references) and know a little about the options offered by Minecraft.

For example, in the section [Mission // ServerSection // ServerInitialConditions // Time // StartTime] it is possible to define the time of the day in which the mission will start.

The possible values ​​are measured based on this table


  • 0 = dawn
  • 6000 = noon
  • 18000 = midnight

Sample Project en GitHub link

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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