#VS2017 – Commands with the basic movements for an #Minecraft Agent with #ProjectMalmo


Today I will share how to perform 2 basic Agent movements in Minecraft

  • Move along
  • Turn

The code example at the end of the post, is part of a ConsoleApp, which once connected to the Minecraft host, controls the movement of the current player / agent. The script advances a series of steps, then turns and returns to the advance mode again and again. Animation sample.

2017 11 19 Malmo Movements 01.gif

The basic set of commands are

  • Move > “move {1}”
  • Turn > “turn {1}”

Where the first parameter is an integer between 0 and 1 that defines the movement to be performed. These 2 commands are the minimum we can use in scenarios such as a labyrinth, so it makes sense that the next post talk about it.

namespace Malmo06
class Program
private static AgentHost _agentHost;
private static MissionSpec _mission;
private static MissionRecordSpec _missionRecord;
private static WorldState _worldState;
public static void Main()
Console.WriteLine("Mission in progress !");
int i = 0;
var command = "move 0.5";
if (i > 3)
i = 0;
command = "turn 0.5";
command = "turn 0";
Console.WriteLine($"{i} – command: {command}");
// Move
} while (_worldState.is_mission_running);
Console.WriteLine("Mission has stopped.");

Sample Project en GitHub link

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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