#Opinion – Quantum Computing, let’s add this one to Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality!


Now it’s official, the Microsoft bet by Quantum Computing has been made public during Microsoft Ignite event. In this way, Microsoft adds their name to the list of other big major companies who are betting on this technology. Although today we do not have a platform or tools to test this technology, this is not new in Microsoft. For several decades it is supporting the work of people like Michael Freedman or Craig Mundle (see references)

And if you’re wondering what’s so special about this technology, it’s best to watch the Microsoft Quantum promotion Video


Now is the moment to understand how Quantum Computing works.

Let’s start from a very simple base, the computing as we know it today is based on a binary mode, based on Bits. This is working with 2 states, where a Bit can have the states of [0] or [1].

In the case of quantum computing, we switch to Bits by Qubits. And the main difference is that a Qubit can have the states of [0], [1] or [‘ 0 ‘ + ‘ 1 ‘], which is [0] and [1] at the same time. This is known as superposition.

And, hold on to something strong this is the interesting part. If a Qubit can have a superposition of 2 states, 2 Qubits can have a superposition of 4 states, 3 Qubits can have a superposition of 8 states, and thus continue to grow exponentially. This may seem strange, you just have to see in the references the explanations on how to address problems with a model based on Qubits.

The example that is several times is how to accommodate 10 people in a dinner table. This seems simple, however, how to address all possible solutions is factor of 10. And the possibilities just for this simple dinner are 3628800


If you you suddenly add 2 people with their respective partners to the dinner, we are going to a slightly less pleasant number to try: 87,178,291,200.

If all the team decides to go to the dinner, which is about 20 people, the time needed to be able to analyze and work with all the possibilities would be measured in years (worked with normal computers in normal environments)


An important detail is that, in traditional computing, we will iterate in each one of the different combinations for people on the table and that operation takes time, a long time. The QC model and the superposition allow us to work with many different states at the same time, with which the analysis times are exponentially shortened.

The main difference between classical computation and Quantum Computing is not a question of speed, but the way we program and solve problems changes completely.

The model that the big ones are currently adopting, is based on a mixed model where a traditional computer (Bits) worked with a Quantum Computer (Qubits). The traditional computer, will be the one that provides an input of bits, and then with the states of the Qubits will analyze the problem, will be solved, and the output of it will be translated again to a model of bits.

This new “Firmware” will be responsible for executing quantum algorithms while maintaining the state and communicating them in zeros mode and ones. At this moment we already have the best of the 2 worlds at our fingertips!

And so I could spend writing a while, I better go back to the Microsoft world. Well, what we know today is that

  • We’ll have a new programming language. It still has no name, I bet on MQPL.
    • It sounds pretty good, Microsoft Quantum Programming Language.
  • This new programming language will be based on languages such as C #, F # and Python.
  • We will use Visual Studio as a development tool. YAHOOOO!!!

There are still enough days of Ignite so surely we will have more surprises.


Happy Quantum Coding!

Saludos @ Toronto

El Bruno



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