#Quantum – Do you need more than 50 #Qubits? Google may help you


Hi !

Today I need to to comment on a new that will make some noise:

A Preview of Bristlecone, Google’s New Quantum Processor


Google announced its new Quantum chip named [Bristlecone]. Interesting detail, it has 72 Qubits, and leaves behind the (until now leader) chip built by IBM with 50 Qubits.

At this point the interesting thing will be to see how Google handles error correction issues at that scale. Remember that when you increase the number of Qubits, the probability of having “dirty” data or unreliable information grows exponentially.

The important thing in this point, is that when passing the limit of 50 Qubits,
Google positions this chip as the first to present battle to the super computers we currently have. Before many get a good scare, it should be noted that a chip of these capabilities, on passes to the current super computers in only certain types of tasks.

As well, it is time to continue study quantum models and computing and to start making bets for 2020!

Happy QCoding!

Saludos @ Toronto

El Bruno


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