#Quantum – Improvements in the new version of Microsoft Quantum Development Kit (Linux, Mac, Python and more!)




February has been a month of events and sessions; March will be a month more dedicated to study and to build a couple of interesting projects. One of the issues that I have to take up again is Quantum Computing . I’ve already written some posts about it,
and today I find a new version of the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit.

The official article explains the improvements in detail. I will only highlight those that seem most interesting to me

  • Development in Mac, Linux and Windows environments. As it comes naturally in the Microsoft tools, they are not only contained and run in Windows, Linux and Mac are also supported. (And this is an excellent opportunity to put me once and for all with the Mac)


  • Python support. Yes, it seems that Python will be in new JavaScript, it is everywhere and how could it be otherwise, Microsoft Quantum Development Kit, also supports Python.


To complete the points I should mention the performance improvements of the simulator and that the DevKit is OpenSource. I guess I’ll have time to write about this in the near future.

Happy QCoding!

Saludos @ Toronto

El Bruno


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