#Opinion – We have a winner in the eternal Tabs vs Spaces question! And I also have the formula to revert this …



Today is Friday, so it’s time to review important topics for the weekend. If you are a developer, for sur at some point on your career you were part of the eternal discussion

Should we use tabs or spaces?

As the popular saying goes: for tastes choose colors, and here applies more than ever. We usually use tools to maintain a coherent code style between all the members of a team, but it is never necessary to change the default settings of Visual Studio.


No more words here. The average of salaries for programmers using spaces is $59.140, while the average for programmers using tabs is $43.750.

It is best to read the complete analysis that is done in StackOverflow (see references). And this also does not mean that if you change tabs to spaces your payroll will multiply automatically by 1.3518. However, this can serve as a prop to make a decision as a team and:

  • Define a coherent policy of programming styles in the Spaces vs tabs
  • Ask for a consistent pay increase to a developer using spaces

You can also take a step further and:

  • Create a company like Amazon, Microsoft or Facebook and hire 2 million of programmers
  • Pay exorbitant salaries
  • Define as company policy the use of Tabs
  • Encourage programmers to participate in the StackOverflow survey
  • Review the survey results and laugh until you stop! While you pet your Angora cat with your brandy glass on the other hand

Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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