#TFS – Goodbye to TFS Team Rooms


I remember when I used Team Foundation Server Team Rooms for the first time. The idea was just great. I even wrote a post about this feature (link) and used Team Rooms for a long time.



These days, everyone is a self-proclaimed expert on collaboration tools, I won’t get into this category however I need to recognize TFS Team Rooms has been quite behind in the collaboration tools race. There is no point of comparison with a large and popular tool as Slack, or even with one of the latest developments in the world Microsoft: Microsoft Teams. Visual Studio Team System now includes integration supports with Microsoft Teams (link).

And here arises one of the problems we see in the Microsoft ecosystem: the duplicity of tools for a common task. There are certain scenarios where we have 2 or more different ways to approach a single problem.

As well, a few days ago Microsoft ALM Team confirmed the decommissioning of Team Rooms in Team Services and TFS (link). Team Services will be the closure of functionality during the year 2017 and if you have TFS, TFS 2017 1 update will remove this functionality. The TFS team says, there are different alternatives and they are quite varied. It is time to choose one, and take advantage of it to the maximum.



The Team room is used both for a notification hub as well as for chat. TFS and Team Services already integrate with many other collaboration products including Microsoft Teams, Slack, HipChat, Campfire and Flowdock. You can also use Zapier to create your own integrations, or get very granular control over the notifications that show up.

And my personal thoughts on this.

Some people wrote “Microsoft is killing a product again!”, “What we do now?” and more. I have to admit that I never met a team that really hold his work in Team Rooms. IMHO I think is a good idea that the ALM team discard the source code of this functionality and focus their efforts on more productive tasks for the product and for the community. (In example, improve the integration of Visual Studio and Unity). Finally, if you are still disgruntled – angry about this, for sure you’ve never tried Slack or MS Teams, not only change is fabulous as a tool, but is also highly productive!

That Yes, I have already read and surely will read complaints in this regard.

Greetings @ Cordoba

El Bruno


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