#VS2017 – Improvements in Server Management in Team Explorer

Hi !

I’m still using VS2017 RC as my main IDE, and today I’ll share one nice improvement. There is a new Server management view on Team Explorer.

You probably realize now we have 2 different views, one for Team Foundation Server servers and the other for Team Services. The new UI is much more user-friendly and now we can quickly know if a TP is based on Git or TFVC.


When we select a TFVC Team Project, we can create our workspace using the following options

  • Connect
  • Map & Get
  • Map

For GIT based Team Project, we’ll have

  • Connect
  • Clone
  • Clone w/ Submodules


The Team Foundation Server tab is pretty similar, with the additional level for Team Project Collection and Team Projects.


And that’s it. This is not a daily used path however this improvements will help us a lot. @ Toronto

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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