#Hololens – Create a project with Spatial Mapping and Gaze Cursor in 5 minutes

Hi !

After a couple of posts on HoloToolkit, I’ll share the basic steps to use Spatial Mapping in a Unity 3D project. I’ll do this as a memory backup, since always forget something when I’m creating a project.

  • Create a project 3D in Unity3D
  • Clone HoloToolkit Unity and copy it to the [Assets] folder in our project
  • Save the Scene. I strongly suggest to create a folder named [Scenes] inside the folder [Assets] folder of our project, and save here the scene
  • Unity will process these changes, this usually take a minute
  • At the root of the project in the Hierarchy panel, delete Main Camera and Directional Light
  • In the Projects panel search Main Camera and add it to the root of the Hierarchy. Main Camera is in [Assets / HoloToolkit / Utilities / Prefabs]
  • In Hierarchy, create an Empty Object and rename it as [Managers]
  • In the Projects panel search Cursor and add it within the element as [Managers]. Cursor is in [Assets / HoloToolkit / Utilities / Prefabs]
  • Select the [Managers] element in the Hierarchy and in the Inspector panel, press [Add Component]. Type and select [Gaze Manager] in the search and add it
  • In the properties of [Gaze Manager] open the combo of [Raycast Layer Mask] and deselect [TransparentFX]

Note: Looking at the source code of [CursorManager.cs] I realized that it also uses [GazeManager], and it is necessary to add it to the project. This took me like crazy a couple of days until I gave with the solution.

  • In this moment already have a project that us shows the Gaze in them elements of the environment where we use the Hololens. Is time of adding Spatial Mapping.
  • In the panel Projects search SpatialMapping and add it to the root of Hierarchy. SpatialMapping is in [Assets / HoloToolkit / SpatialMapping / Prefabs]
  • Now is time of configure the project to be “Hololens capable”
  • This it explained in the first tutorial of the Hololens Academy in the section [Export the project from Unity to Visual Studio]

The following video demonstrates the functionality of Spatial Mapping included in the HoloToolkit Unity. I’ve also added the option to enable it or disable it making an AirTap on a cube we see in the environment in front of us.

And ready, this my personal memory reminder !

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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