ENG [#IOT] #Windows10 democratizing the world of the developers and the devices


Today I am testing my Portuguese capabilities here in Lisbon, and on the topics was Windows 10. I do not remember well how, but the conversation was drifting towards to the set of capabilities included by Windows 10 as a development platform. One of the premises that I share with them, in the developers point of view, is that now the development for different platforms it’s much more ‘democratic’. When I started to explain that we can now create a single app which can run on a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, or a Raspberry Pi 2; they looked at me thinking that my flight from Madrid was too early in the morning and maybe this affected myself too much.

So, in order to clarify this I change the topic to go directly to pure Internet of Things. With Windows 10, now is an “open door” for plenty of developers. For example, if you look at the last Stack Overflow Developer Survey (link), JavaScript is the language most used, followed by SQL, Java, and C#. In the world of the makers, quintessential languages tend to be C and C++. These appear in the 6th and 7th position in the list. Now, if we consider that with the new tools of Windows 10 IoT, we can create apps for a device (Raspberry Pi 2) using C++, C#, Node.js or Python; what we have here is a fairly open platform.


Once again I get to the point I like to share everytime: the language is not important, you must focus to know and learn about the platform. Nowadays Windows 10 is still maturing as a platform. Not all the core APIs are implemented and there are some substantial differences to take in care between an laptop app and a device app. But the core, the IDE, the main environment is the same

It is also remarkable to now you just need to invest €30 and you know C#, then you can take your first steps in the MAKER world. And, something that no one usually comment, this is really fun!

Greetings @ Lisbon

/El Bruno

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