[#KINECTSDK] HowTo: Use Kinect Studio to record and play a Kinect session



all those who develop applications with Kinect we know that heavier than this type of development is the way trial/error that you see facing. I.e., while the Kinect is a camera that detects people, each of the tests you want to do requires that you wear stand in front of the sensor and do the routine of the day. On occasions where things are not going so smooth as you would, so you get get up from the Chair several times per hour.

With the advent of version 1.5 of Kinect SDK, we have a new tool called Kinect Studio coming to save us this problem. Operation that has is very simple: it allows you to record a session with the kinect and then play the same times as necessary.

For this the first thing we see in its interface is a bar of recording and reproduction.


When we launched the application or if we pressed the button connect we will see that we have a list with all those processes that are accessing the sensor. The next step is to connect to this process and we can already begin to burn.


Once we’ve recorded a session with our sensor we can see it in the application. We will see the time that owns the recording and can guardala for use again. A fact to keep in mind is that the recordings are somewhat large size, for example a recording of ~ 10 seconds is stored in a file of approximately 350 MBs.


As well, now comes the best. If we want to play the test again in our application, we must only connect the same (in the status bar below see it is already connected) and to give the play see how our application receives data about the Kinect, no one made the monkey with the sensor.


At any time we can pause the playback, stop it or even put a way repetition that will allow us to merge our application process times.

And another detail to take into account, at any time have the possibility to see the view of the camera, the sensor of depth and a very vistozo 3D viewer to view data that is processing the Kinect.


Well, today I do not have time, but for the next, I promise you a video showing the Kinect Studio.

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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