[#TFS #GIT] HowTo: TFS and Git (II) installing GIT


  1. Introduction and working schema


Today we will continue the series of posts on how to work with TFVC and GIT. In this post we will see how to install GIT locally. While there are several ways of doing this, I’m going to show that is included within Visual Studio 2013.

Note: One of the things that I like most from Visual Studio is that you it follow the philosophy of [Win as One] that aims to try to be as productive as possible from a single point

For this example, I will not initiate a Git repository from scratch, but will add a solution to Source Control and will try to use GIT to control this solution.

1. Create a new Class Library with Visual Studio 2013

2 Add it to Source Control, context menu and “Add solution to Source Control…”


3. At this point we must select the type of Source Control, TFVC or Git:


4 If you select GIT, and you don’t have installed any Git client or Git software you should see the following:


5. Inside of the Team Explorer we can see that we don’t have GIT installed locally. And we have the [Install] link that will allow you to install it using Web Platform Installer.


6. When we start the installation, see the setup of the WebPI.


7. Download and install prerequisites and begin the installation.



8. In a few seconds we will have installed Git for Windows in local Winking smile


9. Although we can already begin to work, best thing is to give a little love to Git. In this case, we will slightly adjust the settings by default having Git for Windows when installed. In Team Explorer, select [Home / / Settings]


10. In this section we can define the User Name, email address and the path to Git to create default repositories.


11 And after these steps we can start to work with our local repository.


12. The idea at this point is to protect our changes so that they are already in the repo.

Next need to define a structure of branches… that we will see in the next post as there is a big difference between the way of working with branches in TFS and GIT.

Greetings @ La Finca

El Bruno


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