[TFS2010] HowTo: Create a field for a WorkItem with custom values, and easy to maintain

Good, before starting to explain a simple way to modify the definition a WorkItem Type, comes the disclaimer: It is always advisable to think about it 20 times before modifying processes guide or template of a Team Project, in other words: does not modify it because 95% of cases, the templates by default are sufficient. [...]


[VS2010] Introduction to StyleCop

Good, StyleCop is a tool that analyzes C source code # and applies a set of style and consistency rules. You can run from within Visual Studio or integrated into a project of TeamBuild. It is quite useful when you want to ensure that the "aesthetic of your code" is consistent among themselves as well as having a [...]

[VS2010] Introduccion a StyleCop

Buenas, StyleCop es una herramienta que analiza código fuente C# y aplica un conjunto de reglas de estilo y consistencia. Se puede ejecutar desde dentro de Visual Studio o integrado en un proyecto de TeamBuild. Es bastante útil cuando además de contar con un buen diseño de la arquitectura de tu solución, de respetar las [...]