[TFS2010] HowTo: Create a field for a WorkItem with custom values, and easy to maintain



before starting to explain a simple way to modify the definition a WorkItem Type, comes the disclaimer:

It is always advisable to think about it 20 times before modifying processes guide or template of a Team Project, in other words: does not modify it because 95% of cases, the templates by default are sufficient.

Now that we have already laid the foundations, we are going to a specific scenario:

Need to add a combo to a workitem, for example a Bug, and that the values of the same are easy to edit and maintain.

To do this, we will use the Team Foundation Server Power Tools, and modify the definition of a Bug to give solution to the previous stage.


1. From Visual Studio 2010, access to the menu [Tools / / Process Editor / / Global List / / Open Global List from Server]. If we were not connected to a TP, because at this time we will have to connect.

2. In the form of editing, display the contextual menu and select the [new Global list]


3 Using the options from the editor, in this case I created a new list called [ExtendedBoolean] with the following values:


4. Once finished editing the list, press [OK]. This action saves changes in the global definition of items on the server ofTFS2010.

5 And now plays edit the definition of a Bug, so select the option [Tools / / Process Editor / / Work Item Types / / Open WIT from Server].

6 Select the appropriate Team Project and then the type of WorkItem that we want to modify.


7. In the WorkItem Type editing form, [Fields] tab create a new field called [ExtendedBoolean], of type String, with the following values.


8 Select the tab [Rules] and add a new rule of the type [ALLOWEDVALUES]


9. This will open the form for editing of the values that will support the WorkItem Field. In this case, click on [New] and select the global list we created in the previous steps.


10 Add the new field, the visual interface of edition of the WorkItem (as I have explained in detail in this post) and we can already see the combo with the values of the global list.


11 If we need to modify these values, rather than changing the definition of the WorkItem, we simply modify the global list.

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