[VS2010] HowTo: Differentiate the same solution in different branches (thanks VSCommands2010)



When you work with any strategy of Branching (but do you, out of my blog! should) is very common that you are opening the same solution in the branch of development evolutovo and in the branch of maintenance or corrective.

The following example shows how we have the solution ClassLibrary1 and the files in the branches [DEV] and [MAIN]


The problem often come when you open a solution, for example the DEV branch and you despistas and you get to change it as if it were that of the MAIN branch.

A useful way of differentiating the elements of each branch, is to take advantage of a new feature of the 2010 VSCommands for Visual Studio 2010 that lets you define a “friendly name” for solutions. To work with this feature, select the solution and see the properties of the same, where we will see 2 new properties.


Property [friendly name solution path Reg] we define a regular expression in which we can create one or more groups that we can then use in property [friendly name] to make use of them. In this case, the group is called {BranchName}and show it after the name of the solution.

Open the solution from the DEV branch you see that this description applies to the title of the window and also in thesolution Explorer.


If you instead open the solution from the MAINbranch, we will see the description for this branch.


For more information about the VSCommands 2010http://vscommands.com/features/

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