[TFS2010] HowTo: Configure an SMTP service to send mails using a GMAIL account



While the last screenshot is the only one that affects Team Foundation Server 2010, this post shows how to install the service of SMTP that comes with Windows Server 2008 and configured for that email emails to the GMAIL SMTP service. In this way we can have something as useful as they are notifications by mail on our demo of Team Foundation Server 2010 virtual machines . To make this work you must have the option of SMTP and POP3 enabled in your GMAIL account.


1. In the first place we must activate the Feature to have access to an SMTP service. Access to the [Server Manager] and in the same section of Features added [smtp Server].


2. Once the installation is complete we will see the SMTP tab in the Internet Information Server Management Console. In the same access to the configuration of SMTP Email.


3. In this section allow values by default, but if we want we can use the option [Store e-mail in pickpu directory] to store mails in a directory and to view them from there (this is very useful for demos without connection to the internet)


4. The following to configure the SMTP server using the configuration of IIS 6 (I know it is a little sad, but it is what it is). Access to it with the menu [Administrative Tools / / Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager]


5. The first thing we see is that the service is stopped, we select, we deploy the contextual menu and [Start]


6. Once started, select it and access to the properties of the service.


7. In the [Access] tab enable the local server to enable it to Relay on whether same (this do not know if it is necessary, but otherwise it did not work)


8. In the tab [Delivery] [outbound security] select and configure our GMAIL account with the [basic authentication] option. Also check the option of [TLS encryption]


9. At [Outbound connections] use the port of gmail > 587


10. And finally, in the [Advanced] section configure the smart host to use smtp.gmail.com.


11 This now leaves the configured SMTP server to be used by TFS.

12. Finally remains TFS2010settings, in the console on the node [application tier] from our server, configure the alerts to use the local server with the e-mail account you want to use.


Donate! now to open our favorite mail client and see how it grows the Inbox with TFS alerts! Open-mouthed smile


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The Bruno


Sources: http://www.itechtalk.com/thread2250.html, http://fmuntean.wordpress.com/2008/10/26/how-to-configure-iis-smtp-server-to-forward-emails-using-a-gmail-account/

16 thoughts on “[TFS2010] HowTo: Configure an SMTP service to send mails using a GMAIL account

  1. Hello,

    I tried to configure it for my company mail server instead of gmail. But it didnt worked.
    Can you please help me and tell me what will change while configuring it for my company mail server/

    Thanks in advance,



    1. MGP you probably has to change some ports of another stuff which are related to your company mail. Contact your system administrator and for sure he’ll help you. Regards


  2. Thanks for you help.

    One question. How can i configure the Team Web Access to use this smtp server to send mails when i create a new Task for example?

    Thanks in advance


    1. When you configure the mail Access for TFS, Team Web Access is already included. So any notification from Web Access will use this SMTP configuration. And to get an email for every new task, you have to suscribe to notifications in the Team Explorer.


  3. Hello Bruno!
    Thanks a lot for this post.
    We followed your instructions and were able to configure it but we think we are having troubles with the firewall, do you know exactly which are the exceptions tat must be added to the firewall? Thanks again!


      1. Hi, we tried adding exceptions to ports 25, 443 and 587 all inbound and outbound but with no change, emails are not being sent. We are really sure that we have everything as you say in the post but for some reason the emails are not working.
        Any other idea? Thanks a lot!


    1. We found the problem:
      We were mislead by step 12 on SMTP Server value.
      This value must be exactly the same as on step 10 fully-qualified domain name value.


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