#LogicApps – Working with Visual Studio 2017 and Logic Apps #VS2017

Hello! Among all the characteristics that has Logic Apps, there is one that is worth emphasizing We can use Visual Studio 2017 to create, edit and publish Logic apps type applicationsLogic Apps There is an excellent tutorial in the official documentation (see references), although there are a couple of things that need to be clarified [...]


#LogicApps – Trabajando con Visual Studio 2017 y LogicApps #VS2017

Hola! Entre todas las caracterisitcas que tiene Logic Apps, hay una que vale la pena recalcar Podemos utilizar Visual Studio 2017 para crear, editar y publicar aplicaciones de tipo Logic Apps Hay un excelente tutorial en la documentación oficial (ver referencias), aunque hay un par de cosas que es necesario aclarar para poder tener todo [...]

#Flow – Check your Apps health in #Azure using #ApplicationInsights and MSFlow

Hi ! If you are a programmer, and you also use Azure , for sure you know and use Application Insights (check references). I got a couple of Apps in Azure and, after some upgrades or fixes, I started to check their health. And these are the steps I perform to do this Access Azure [...]

#Flow – Controla el estado de tus Apps en #Azure Con #ApplicationInsights y #MSFlow

  Hola! Si creas Apps que luego despliegas a Azure, seguramente conoces y utilizas Application Insights (ver referencias). Hoy estaba pensando que para controlar un par de aplicaciones que tengo, lo que suelo hacer es lo siguiente Ir al portal de Azure Acceder a AppInsights Ir a la WebApp que quiero controlar Ejecutar un Query [...]

#CognitiveServices – Cris, Luis and #Bots !

Hello! Yesterday I realized that while I was writing a couple of posts about Microsoft Bot Framework, I never wrote about LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service, so that's some work for the future) But today is all about CRIS, Custom Recognition Intelligent Service. The service is part of the Speech Services of Cognitive Services, and [...]