#Azure – Azure #SignalR Service, a new Azure service 100% dedicated to #SignalR scenarios


I’m still going over the news from the Build, and this is one of the most happy ones since I am a big fan of SignalR.

Well, it turns out that if you’re creating a App use SignalR now you can leave behind the need to create a WebApp to contain your message host. Now we have a new service in Azure that saves us all this time in building infrastructure: Azure SignalR Service.

This fully managed service allows you to use ASP.Net Core SignalR to create an App which require real time interactions like a chat, Live Panels sharing information and more. Being managed as a Azure service, we can also forget about the administration , scalability, connection management, and more.

The creation of such a service, are literally 2 Clicks.

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This new service works with, the also new SignalR for ASP.Net Core. The code doesn’t change much, you just have to add the following lines services.AddSignalR().AddAzureSignalR() and app. UseAzureSignalR() so the apps can connect to this host in Azure.


Now I have to look for a little time to do the tutorials and understand a little more of the changes of SignalR in Azure.

Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno


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