#dotnet – Detecting Faces, DNN vs Haar Cascades from the 🎦 camera feed using #OpenCV and #net5

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Hi !

In one session around computer vision, someone ask the question about which approach is better

Haar Cascades or DNN?

And the answer can be show using the video below

net5 opencv face detection comparison between dnn and haar cascades

As you can see Haar Cascades works great for faces looking directly to the camera, with good lights and in optimal conditions. However, once my face stop looking at the camera, HC stop detecting faces; and the custom DNN model still working.

But, and this is important, the DNN model will rely only on the set of faces that has been used for training. If the model doesn’t include any demographics, in example Asian friends, the model won’t work with Asian subjects.

At the end, DNN models usually works great than Haar Cascades, however it’s really important to know the limitations of each model.

Happy coding!


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