QnA Maker managed: now in public preview

If you try to create a QnA Maker today, you will notice the following option. “Managed (preview)”. But what is this about?

What’s new or which new features are introduced:

  1. Deep learnt ranker with enhanced relevance of results across all supported languages, based on Turing multilingual language model (T-ULRv2). Computation has been moved out of the user subscription, so there is no dependency on the customers for scaling and availability management. This allowed us to use SOTA deep learnt model for L2 ranker which enhances the L2 ranker horizontally across all the languages, so now we support all the 50+ languages with better and enhanced precision.
  2. Precise phrase/short answer extraction from answer passages.
  3. Simplified resource management by reducing the number of resources deployed.
    There will be only two resources:
    1. QnA Maker service for authoring and computation
    2. Azure Cognitive Search for storage and L1 ranking
  4. E2E region support for Authoring…

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