#dotnet – less than 20 lines to display a 🎦 camera feed with #OpenCV and #net5

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Hi !

This post is the start of a series of posts around OpenCV and DotNet Core .Net 5. Most of my samples are going to be camera based, so I’ll start with the +20 13 lines needed to access a local camera and show the frames in a window.

opencvsharp camera sample

And the code using Net Core 5:

using OpenCvSharp;
var capture = new VideoCapture(0);
var window = new Window("El Bruno – OpenCVSharp demo");
var image = new Mat();
while (true)
if (image.Empty())
if (Cv2.WaitKey(1) == 113) // Q

A couple of notes on previous code

  • Pressing Q key will stop the program
  • Line 2 define the camera to open based on local indexes, in example
// 0 Logitech Brio
// 1 Msft Lifecam
// ... 
// 4 Logitech Capture
// 5 OBS VirtualCam
  • This is a standard .Net 5 Console App
  • I’m using the great OpenCVSharp nuget packages to have OpenCV capabilities in my app.
opencvsharp nuget packages

And because I’m using Net 5, here goes a before / after preview

That’s all for today!

Happy coding!


El Bruno


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