#Coding4Fun – How to control your #drone with 20 lines of code! (13/N)

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No code today, just some tips about a specific network configuration to work with the drone.

In 2 days I’ll share a session about how to do some AI with a Drone, and I just realized that I’ll be live doing this session. And, going back to my post 4 in this series, I realized that

My PC is connected to the drone via Wifi.

That means, I can’t connect to the Internet to host the session line.

In normal times, I’ll buy a couple of adapters and I’ll have everything in wireless mode. However this days, a simple amazon request may take a couple of weeks.

So, I analyze my home network and I realized that I can reuse some of my Linksys Velop nodes in my office. At home, I have 3 nodes to cover all the house, and I decided to move one of the nodes at my office and use one of the Ethernet ports to connect a network cable to my PC. So, my final configuration is something like this (sorry no visio installed)

Thanks to this port, I can be connected to the internet and host the session; and also be connected to the drone and have some fun !

More information about the event here

GlobalAI Community Virtual Tour, April 8th. Let’s code a drone to follow faces! Using AI, Python, containers and more

See you in a couple of days!

Happy coding!


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