#Event – Global #AI Bootcamp 2018, next Saturday December 15th



We will be part of the Global AI Bootcamp. So far is a Save the Date, the next Saturday December 15th, on a full day dedicated to AI.

We are working on the agenda and the details of the event, but the day is fixed and the inscription is open.

Online registration https://www.meetup.com/metrotorontoug/events/253600048/


The Global AI/MR bootcamp is a free one-day event organized by local communities all over the world that are passionate about Artificial Intelligence or/and Mixed Reality on the Microsoft stack.

The event take place on the 15th of December on venues all over the world centrally organized by our HQ in the Netherlands, supported by Microsoft. The event is the perfect balance between quality content, awesome lectures, getting your hands dirty and learn & share with other community members.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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