#Windows10 – Focus Assist, option for Presentation mode


After To write about Presentation Settings And Move Mouse, today it’s my turn to give a small review to one very interesting features in Windows 10: Focus Assist.

This new option can be turned on or off from the Windows notifications panel


When we activate this option, Windows 10 will not show any notification, so we can dedicate our [focus] to specific tasks.

In the Settings Windows 10 we will also find a specific section for Focus Assist where we can define what kind of notifications we want to avoid, and automatically enable FA in these 3 scenarios

  • When the screen is being duplicated
  • When you’re playing a game
  • Defined for specific time periods


The truth is that it is a interesting option to avoid [surprises] in presentations.

Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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