#Tools – Move Mouse, a classic anti screen saver


There are scenarios where for security reasons [usually via Domain Policies] a machine will be locked after a while if it does not have any user interaction. The problem usually appears when we require that these computers not be locked.

A couple of months ago comment how to enable presentation mode using a classic Windows App [presentationsettings.exe] (see references). Classic from the days of Windows Vista if I remember correctly. This option is valid, however, there is another App to help us:

Move Mouse

I know and use Move Mouse from the days when the source code of the App was available in the (sadly died) CodePlex. Today we can download the source code of previous versions to Windows 10 from GitHub. The best thing is to download the Move Mouse version from the Windows Store


And find in it many very interesting options such as, for example

  • Define task agendas
  • Auto start with Windows
  • Hidden mode
  • Much more!

Finally, behind all this hides a very important trick to not activate the lock or screen savers >> MOVE MOUSE every N ssconds

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno




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