#Tip – Tips to enable presentation mode in # Windows10 (Also applies to Win7, Win8 and Win8.1)


Quite offtopic for today’s post. I’ll write this down here so the next time I have to explain it, I share the link of this post.

It’s a raw estimation, bur I think I spend 30% of the time in front of a computer in presentation mode. This is not only sharing slides, it can also be while I’m recording a podcast, or if I am sharing my Desktop for a work video call or while I’m recording a webcast. There are more options, such as giving a live chat. I will not name all the scenarios, too much work.

In any of these scenarios, if a Windows Reminders or a Windows Notifications appear is quite inconvenient. According to the configuration of Windows, this can go from a new email to a reminder to take the cat to the hairdresser.

Since Windows 7 we have a great tool which allows us to change to presentation mode: Presentation Settings. The App allows us to

  • Enable or disable presentation mode
  • In presentation mode it allows
    • Enable or disable the screen saver
    • Adjust the volume to a predetermined level
    • Change the background



This in addition to disabling system notifications, not entering hibernation mode and another pair of ideal settings for a presentation mode.

In Windows 7, I remember that we could launch the App from the mobility center. Personally, I prefer these steps

  • Windows + R, RUN
  • Type “presentationsettings.exe”
  • Done!


Happy Screen Sharing!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno



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