#Personal – Goodbye #Apple!, one more time …


It’s been 4 years since an iOS update forced me to get new gadgets and stop use Apple devices (see my previous story in the references section). Back on those days I used an iPod purely and exclusively to run with Nike Running. After updating the iPod Touch to iOS 6, the device stopped working. Actually, everything seemed to keep working,
but the Apps were very slow, with constant unexpected errors, and many other problems. All this, considering that the only Apps I used were Spotify and Nike Running.

After that I started using a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini for a couple of years and the truth is that my experience was very good. I was able to use Nike Running and Spotify again, and many other Apps that are what ones you expect to use on a Smartphone. 2 years ago I also started to use a Polar watch to track my races and workouts, and it synchronized with Android in a very correct way.

Bonus: This was the moment where I also did my first steps with Xamarin and Visual Studio. Since creating Apps for Android is a very simple task with Visual Studio in a Windows environment.


Today we are in November 2017 and I have a DejaVu with Apple, one more time. Let me try to explain the full story:

When I arrived in Canada in March of 2017 (18 months ago), I decided it was time to change Android for iOS. So I get an iPhone 6. That was the last model that Apple had available. Like almost all Apple users, my experience was great.

It was also during those days when I changed my Polar M400 for a Garmin Forerunner 325 sport watch. An excellent watch for runners that for little more than $ 100 provides excellent performance.


The Forerunner watch has a built-in GPS, so you do not need to carry your smartphone while you run, if you want to track tour running courses. Of course, every so often you need to synchronize your Garmin watch with the Garmin App, so that the records of the races and workouts are saved in your profile. I take this moment to synchronize this information with Strava and Nike Running. So far, so good, the user experience is great!


And, now the sad part of the story:

Our Palo Alto friends presented the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X along with the new version of the OS, iOS 11. This was a couple of weeks ago and if you have decided to upgrade your OS on an iPhone 6, you are welcome to the jungle! (GNR reference, I’ll get there soon)

After the update the Garmin App has stopped being connected all the time to the sport watch. The only solution I found was have to restart the iPhone so it stays connected for a while. <irony> This is a very good user experience! </irony>


I’ve seen in the forums that I’m not the only one who has this kind of problem, and there are also people who have reported problems with other devices connected by Bluetooth. The interesting thing about this, is that, if you have an iPhone 7 or 8 or X, then you do not have an Audio Jack, so you have to use yes or yes, wireless headphones. I have not seen reports of errors in these models, however, my Jabra Sport have also started to fail with the iPhone 6 since I upgraded to iOS 11.

Note: I must clarify that I have also had patience, since version 11.0 several minor revisions have passed, but today I have updated to version 11.1 everything is the same.

Those who know me know that I am not of the conspiranoid type, however, it seems that at this moment I only have one solution: buy a new iPhone. Or maybe, make a small change in the affirmation and buy a new Smartphone.

It is very likely that this Christmas I get some nice Android device and can live happily again without having to worry about “keep my smartphone alive.” So, a couple of years later it’s time to say one more time GOOD BYE APPLE!

Important: the word scenario related to this was 2 weeks ago when, after hours of effort, I finished my 1st marathon and found that I could not synchronize my race data with my Garmin App. If you are a person who does sports and you keep track of your activities,
I suppose you will understand the frustration I had when I had to spend 2 days rebooting the iPhone until I could synchronize this race. And yes, I also went to see Guns ‘N Roses 2 days ago and somehow some pictures were lost. RFOG wrote about this and losing pictures is also not a very good user experience at all!

Saludos @ Toronto

El Bruno


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