[#PERSONAL] Bye bye Apple, welcome Android (for the running dudes!)



Some will think that the chapola Piro me, or that eventually as many liters of vodka in my body burned the last (and only) neuron that I had to put a title of the post such as this.

What happens in reality is very simple: about 5 years ago, I started to run. Isn’t that in the 30 years before not had raced never, but meantime working trip, ultimately simpler to perform sport is to go running. The only thing you need is a pair of sneakers, an MP3 player and ready; You despejas 30 minutes and over exercising.

In my case, I have never gone from amateur/hobby level, although if you really enjoy running down the mountain, dodging dogs that pull you heels in villages lost in the middle of nowhere, or running by Champs Elysse in the style of romantic and cheap movie of Hollywood. Meanwhile trip and other things, I think that I’ve already joined kilometers in 20 different countries.

Because when you begin to run, the Add kilometers it is something that you can start to like and then you get to see your average km/min, average kms per race, etc. In my case, four years ago, my girl gave me an iPod with your extension of NIKE Running, and started to record my times on that platform.

The truth is that since the initial version where you had to connect a sensor to your iPod and then put the sensor in the shoes, has spent quite some time and the platform has grown tremendously.


In the current version, which runs on iOS 6, is an app in an iPhone or iPod. In my case I don’t use an iPhone, I have an iPod Touch (4th gen) that although it has more hits than a Boxer with hiccups, has accompanied me the last 2 years. In particular, this version is also very good since it does not require a sensor in your shoe, taking advantage of the hw of the iPod makes calculations of time and distance traveled.


The problem is that clear, I only thing I want to do is run and listen to music, but it seems that Apple thinks that to do this I need to upgrade my hardware every 2 years. My first iPod when it had fulfilled the 2 years old, decided to not work more. I was very happy with it, the concept of “wheel” of Apple I was delighted and the truth is that for a long time, fulfilled its role perfectly.

But that said, any given day stopped working and bye bye iPod. As I wanted to keep running withNike Running, I went to an Apple Store to buy the Touch model that was a modern version of my iPod. After a few minutes bizarre in the store, I paid €200 (I think that that cost) 8 G iPod and walked out of the same. Installed you the app and to keep running.

And arrived at the 2013 (in reality to December 2012) where Apple offered me the possibility of updating my iPod to iOS 6 . The Bruno who relies on updates as in the word of her mother, gives the OK and begins to suffer as a kitten loose in a Greyhound race.

Now of suddenly my iPod running only at the same time the application Nike Running and the music player, is beginning to fail more than a shotgun in fair. Applications are shut down alone, response times are of the last century, etc. Let’s the user experience, which is what had caught me Apple, has rotted out like an Apple to the Sun for 2 days.

After search and confirm this behavior in forums, I remember the Sergi. A coworker who told me your first generation iPad suffers with the latest updates, “only” for 2 years to buy it. Although I understand what the iPad, I’m a bit more doggy and I think that to run and listen to music you should not require so much power.

So I think, OK renewal every 2 years, let’s look at the new iPod Touch and I’m that… THE CHEAPEST SALE €319! Although that Yes, I can choose between pale black, ugly gray, pink Princess and other very nice colors.


As I am a person decides, I begin to see options and I find that friends of Nike Running have also brought the application for Android! Great, by work and family issues I have a few Androids by hand, it’s put me in Google Play, download the application and you’re done!


That said, without spending one €uro, I have an Android much cheaper it gives me what I want:listening to music and run Risa

Bye bye Apple! ^^

Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

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