#Podcast – “No Tiene Nombre” is back next week!



Over the last few days some friends have asked me what happened to the Podcast “No Name” (link). The last episode was published in March and three months have passed since “Lessons learning working from home“.

I have had a few “exciting” months, where in addition to a lot of work we had to organize a second house move in 2 years. This time it is a “domestic” move, so there is a big difference. We do not change country and continent like last year, only 20 kms from one city to another, but it still requires tons of work.

This and other reasons have made me prioritize my actions and put “on hold” some personal projects like the Podcast. According to my girl, working on things like a decent kitchen or the swimming pool work is more important than dedicating time to Hololens and the Podcast.

Well, the most complicated part is over and next week I’ll be back! I have a couple of unpublished recorded podcasts and I’m back talking to acquaintances to play interesting topics.

As always, if you want to participate, you can contact me by a virtual channel. Twitter is where I will respond faster, email is something that has exceeded me and I only use for work issues.

We will listen each other next week

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno

PD1: By the way, that less than dedicate the return to the amazing Golden State Warriors, who have won a ring in a majestic way!

PD2: This is Canada!



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