#Microsoft – There were more than #Surface Laptop on Microsoft event 2 days ago: #MSTeams and #3D

Hi !

A couple of days ago, Microsoft hosted an event were they revealed a new device for the Surface family: Surface Laptop. It has everything you may expect from a Surface device: great presentation, amazing hardware features and a couple of “buts”. In example, the lack of color options in the top level hardware models and the lack of USB-C ports. Besides all of this, in less than 2 minutes you get everything you need to know about this.


In the 90 minutes of the event there were other interesting topics besides Windows 10 S and the Surface Laptop. I think this additional topics shows the new Microsoft path  and that’s why it’s important to give them a couple of words.

In example, Megan Saunders had a small participation on the event. In case you don’t know her, here is her title: Megan Saunders is the Windows 3D Initiative General Manager for Microsoft.

Her presentation was mainly focused on some of the new Windows 10 features: 3D, Mixed Reality and Education. As you can imagine, all the demos were based on the new Windows 10 products, and it was mainly important to remark that everything starts with Microsoft Teams! (I’ll get here later).

In a couple of minutes we can see this demo:

  • Start creating a 3D model using Paint 3D
  • Then let’s add some animation to the model using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Share the works using Microsoft Teams

The final result is amazing and it was also a nice introduction for a new cool Windows 10 feature: View Mixed Reality. May be the best way to explain this is something like Augmented Reality ++. I’m looking forward to see the samples included on Windows 10 SDK related to this to see how far we ca go with this platform.

At the end of the presentation the staff used on of the new Mixed Reality devices (not Hololens) as part of a cool demo where we saw a cool implementation of the Solar System where the user makes a 3D navigation using an XBoxOne controller. Of course, at the end, a Hololens demo close this section.

The next 12 minutes are this part of the event:

And it was very interesting to see how Microsoft Teams was mentioned a couple of times during the event. They even presented a specific version of Microsoft Teams focused on education.

Now the teachers can set up a dashboard for their students. This dashboards will with include access to activities, tests, and lesson materials. Students will be able to use this artifacts and use MS Teams, post comments, participate on discussions, and more.

The next 10 minutes are the main focus of this new MS Teams for Education features:

I may forgot to mention the new Minecraft Education and other news. However I think only Mixed Reality and MS Teams for Education are a very good example of the way that Microsoft is shaping this new set of tools. 😀

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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