#Minecraft – News on Minecraft Education Edition (sadly it’s only available for educators…)

Hi !

A few days ago I wrote a post about the novelties that were presented in the event of # MicrosoftEdu, especially oriented to Mixed Reality and Microsoft Teams (link). Another great tool presented in this event was some new features that were added to Minecraft Education Edition.

Let’s start with the main objective of this edition:

“Teach children how to code”

The first thing we have to do is download the Minecraft Education Edition installer from its main page (link). It is interesting to remark that we can use Minecraft in Windows 10 or Mac OS. And another important detail is that this version is available only for for education profiles. So, you need an Office 365 education account.

Now if you have an Office 365 education account, and install the game one of the interesting things you will see is the “Code connection” option.


What we see here is a graphic designer of the scratch style, or as Microsoft has called it: driven programmed mode. As a scratch user, I have to admit that this model is very good for children up to 10 years old to understand how to “program”.


It’s great! It has a command console and everything!

Now, there is a very ugly problem if you are a little geek: it’s only available to educators. If you do not comply with the rules presented here (link), no matter what you will not be able to access the software. What I think is a big mistake for people who want to know and create content, for example at home to work/learn with our kids!

Finally I recommend watching the video of Channel 9 where they give a complete review of these new capabilities.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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