#Hololens – Unity 5.5 available! 2 emulation modes for Hololens


A few days ago I wrote a post where I shared about the current version of HoloToolkit, This version will be integrated and would support Unity 5.5 in December. As the timing required it, the Unity team has to hurry up the last sprint and they have released Unity 5.5 before December.

Jokes aside, this version includes many new features. And one of the most important is the native support for Microsoft Holographic (Hololens). We can now emulate apps with Unity to work with our Hololens. This allows us to avoid deployment to the device or even the intermediate step with Visual Studio and the emulator.


There are 2 emulation modes

  • Remote emulation: in this scenario, the emulation is performed by using a connection to a Windows Holographic device, i.e. Hololens. The application behaves as if it was deployed on the device, while it is actually running on our PC in Unity editor
  • Simulated emulation: the application runs on a holographic device directly simulated inside the Unity editor. In this scenario, there is no connection to a holographic device from Windows

I have to write a post on the subject of these 2 modes because the truth is that the same promise and a lot!

Finally, version 5.5 brings many other new features not only the support for Windows Holographic. If you want to review this new features the best source is the Unity blog, there is a full review of this new version.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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