#Office – Improve your presentation skills (Bonus: new co-authoring features in #PowerPoint)

Hello! Today we are going with a 2 for 1.

Public speaking

I still remember when David Salgado (@davidsb) showed to me the book Resonate: Present Visual Stories That Transform Audiences (see references). It was many years ago in Microsoft’s office in Madrid. This book helped me understand that behind every presentation, there can be a process or framework that will help us to get the best possible result.

Note: Never forget that when you speak in public, either for 2 or 200 people; these people are sharing with you one of its most precious elements: their time. The best way to thanks for this investment is trying to take advantage of that time in the best possible way.

As well, after Resonate, I read other books that also helped me enough. I will share the first 2 that come to mind.

When someone says the important thing is the visual aspect of your presentations, it is very likely that you fully understand this idea. However, you don’t know very well what to do. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information is an excellent starting point for understanding the difference between text and images.

Another example that comes to mind is Death by Meeting. Although this book does not speak specifically of presentations and techniques for public speaking, discuss the delicate subject of the meetings. When we understand some of the lessons in this book, we can associate this idea to public speaking.

PowerPoint co-authoring

And of course, if you work with Microsoft technologies, you may rely on PowerPoint to support your presentations. Let me pause here; it is important to make clear my position about PowerPoint as a tool.

If you’re on the side who really hates PowerPoint, I got you. Maybe you have been in a situation where a couple of Slides represent a contract in a project (which is always a goot idea!). People usually goes with “PowerPoint supports everything“. In PowerPoint, everything is possible, and this misuse is that many people have an irrational hatred. In my case, I like this tool. I use PowerPoint as a tool to support my presentations and always has given me very good results.

Over time, thanks to books like those that I mentioned before, or to listen to great speakers, I think I have learned a little about the subject and use PowerPoint wisely enough.

That is why I get some extra happy feeling when I read this news:

The Office Insider November update includes support for co-authoring. That’s mean 2 or more people can work at the same time on a PowerPoint presentation using the PowerPoint desktop app.

A long time ago that the creation of a couple of slides is no longer task of a single person. It is always a good idea to work with someone with skills in to help us create a history consistent with our slides and balancing the contents therein.


Usually, this did use a ping / pong mode. That’s mean sharing the PowerPoint file, desktop sharing, speaking in this regard, using the capabilities of the online edition of PowerPoint, etc. Now that we have the ability to work online both envelope presentation, opens a new range of possibilities.

I think it is an excellent time to receive these updates, and I hope that you can them to begin testing soon (i.e. Add one couple more Early Adopter to work in co-authoring mode!)

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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