#MYO – Getting started, #Windows10 configuration

Hi !

I’ve got a new Myo device yesterday, so it’s time to start a series of posts about some C# development with the device. So far the experience is cool, in 2 minutes I’ve got my device connected and after a 5 minutes tutorial I’m already controlling Spotify and other programs with a couple of simple gestures.

If you don’t know anything about Myo the best way to start is this 1:15 minutes video

So, let’s start with the configuration. Once you install the Myo software it will require that you connect the device using a Usb cable and also to connect a Bluetooth dongle to your laptop.


Note: I need to get deeper into the developer mode, however it seems weird to me that I need an extra BlueTooth dongle when I already have one in my laptop. After a quick internal research I’ve found that this dongle is automatically recognized as a COM port, so no BLE and maybe some other surprises for the feature. COM3 in my picture.


Next step is a classic one: name your Myo


Some firmware updates


And the basis of connection and synchronization in a 2 minutes video. It was very easy to setup, and at the end you finish with a nice green everything is fine message.


After this Myo will detect the color of your shirt and also the arm where you have the device.


And you have a quick guided tutorial o learn the 5 basic gestures for Myo

  • Wave Left
  • Wave Right
  • Double Tap
  • Make a Fist
  • Spread Fingers


So, everything is up and ready. Now is time to download some of the apps from the Myo Market to play around a little before I start with some C# code.


I’ve started with the Spotify Connector and so far, so good !

Finally there is also a nice page to check online all the features of your local Myo armband: http://diagnostics.myo.com/


So, nice start and now is time to review some of the developer options!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



    1. Hi Carlos
      I’ve connected the Myo using bluetooth directly to a W10 device (It must support BLE of course). It worked fine 😀


  1. Hi, do you know how can i connect myo with raspberry or/and arduino, cuz i tried with dzhu code and PyoConnect but i cant do it run :c


    1. Hi,
      In Arduino you will need a Bluetooth adapter, and in the Raspberry Pi you can use the out of the box Bluetooth capabilities. Not sure if there is an SDK, however you can write one.


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