#Myo – Working with the #Emg data in C# (electromyography sensors)

Hi !

Myo posts so far

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  2. Starting as a developer with some C++ basic code
  3. MyoSharp a C# SDK implementation for the Myo armband
  4. Working with the Orientation and Gyroscope in C# and a 3D Cube

I’m going to write a small sample on the EMG information we can get of the Myo armband. EMG stands for electromyography (EMG) sensors. The Myo armband have 8 electrical sensors, this sensors measure electrical signals traveling across the user’s arm, which the Myo armband translates into poses and gestures. In the next image you can see a live representation of this EMG data in a chart and how it changes based on an arm movements.

2016 07 29 Myo Emg

In order to get this data, we must subscribe to the EMGDataAcquired() event. Take a look at the following sample code: in the EmgDataAcquired event, I display the values of the 8 sensors in a console app using different colors.


The running console output app will display something similar to this image


Next post I’ll write on some UWP app for Myo!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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